Winter Blast in Williamsburg Virgina

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It was truly magical here in Williamsburg Virginia this past weekend when we got somewhere around 9 inches of snow. I say somewhere because I can not find any official numbers out yet. All I know is it was the most snow we have seen around here in a least a decade. In any case, It was beautiful. We put a big pot of chili on the stove a fire in the fireplace, hit the hot tub and drank Emeril Lagasse’s hot buttered rum cocktails. Oh did I mention before all that we walked about 5 miles in the snow? I really needed the hot tub! I made sure that Ron put out more bird food in the feeder so that the birds did not starve, they look very happy.

Our Guest here at the Inn enjoyed the chili and the fireplaces in their rooms as well as the complimentary Williamsburg Winery wine (I just put out the recycle bottles) and we enjoyed having them here.

We have just introduced our winter rates for our Williamsburg B&B at the Colonial Gardens Bed and Breakfast here in Williamsburg Virginia your choice for Romantic accommodations 800-886-9715

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