Why Stay At A Bed & Breakfast While in Williamsburg Va?

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Let me tell you why,

Going way back in history to the medieval times, a bed and breakfast was a place you would stay at while going from one town to another. You were given a bed to sleep in and a meal to start your day. After breakfast, you were on your way out the door

The bed and breakfast industry began to flourish in the U.S. during the 1980s, and B&Bs thrive today in large part because they provide an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality that traditional hotels simply can’t match — although many now try.

Most bed and breakfasts are owned by the innkeepers, who usually lives onsite or in a guest house on the property. It’s natural to expect that innkeepers who live in their own inns will bring a different perspective to the job than someone who works a shift behind a hotel reception desk and then goes home and forgets about the customers left behind.

At good B&Bs, “customers” are truly guests, and it shows. Innkeepers function as the concierge, providing personal recommendations. Innkeepers will gladly help you find the best restaurant in town, point you to the most romantic spot in the nearby park, and much more.

If you’ve never stayed at a B&B or inn, it’s important to note that some bed and breakfasts provide private bathrooms with private entry from your room, while other inns provide private and shared bathrooms located outside of your room (usually down the hall from your room). Here at the Colonial Gardens Bed and Breakfast, we only have private en suite bathrooms.

Most bed and breakfasts generate most of their income from repeat business. Many also depend on word-of-mouth recommendations so, it’s easy to see why most innkeepers go out of their way to make sure your stay provides some great relaxation and memories.

There are several types of people who choose to stay at a bed and breakfast. The purist stays at a bed and breakfast because they simply like the idea of being with “friends” and because staying at a bed and breakfast adds an interesting twist to your trip when you meet other travelers from around the world. Another type of person who stays at a bed and breakfast is someone not so much interested in meeting new people, but rather, instead these people prefer the pampering and luxury of staying in a house that is often historic in nature with many upscale features. Many lady business travelers prefer it for the obvious safety reasons. And Corporate travel being so boring, a B&B can truly make you feel at home.

So welcome to the wonderful world of bed and breakfasts and remember the Colonial Gardens Bed and Breakfast is your choice for luxury accomidations in Williamsburg Virginia

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