The Brides Emergency Kit

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It’s very likely that you will need some sort of toiletry item the day of your wedding. Maybe your hem will come loose or your nail will break, or maybe you just need a tissue to dry your eyes.

For whatever you may need, it’s important to have a bridal emergency kit with you the day of the wedding. You don’t want to be running to a drugstore or have your mom, groom or bridesmaid running out for you. To save time and calm nerves, it’s better to be prepared.

If you don’t end up using all the items in your emergency kit you can bring some of them with you on your honeymoon or have your mom or a bridesmaid pack them up and bring them home for you. They’re all items that you’ll use after the wedding.

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The kit should include:

Sewing Kit, including safety pins and small scissors
Clear nail polish (helpful for stocking runs)
Nail file
Nail polish in the bride’s shade
Makeup (you’ll probably have this there anyway!)
Straws (for drinking without messing up lipstick
Extra stockings
Brush and comb
Bobbypins and hair elastics
Static-cling spray
Lint brush
Earring backs
Baby powder (also useful for getting out last-minute spills on a white dress)
Eye-drops (look for redness reducing)
Contact lens solution
Acid relief
Tampons and pads
Headache medicine (bring two different kinds in case one of the bridal party is allergic)

If you’re getting dressed in a place that won’t have a bathroom near, you’ll also want to bring a mirror, bottle of water, and moist towelettes.

Good extras: charged cell phone, camera for taking getting dressed candids, list of vendors phone numbers, wristwatch.

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