A Family Reunion in Williamsburg Virginia

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The Kaczmarzyk Family has come and gone and enjoyed 5 days and nights of fine dining, sightseeing, shopping and reminiscing.

You see, Elaine who lived here 55 years ago as a Williams and Mary student and her Husband Bill, who were celebrating 50 years of Marriage and Elaine’s 75th birthday, came with there 3 adult children and their respective spouses to celebrate all the occasions.

Elaine was thrilled to visit the Wren Chapel where she used to worship as a Student.

They Dined at he Kings Arms Tavern for Thanksgiving dinner which is were Elaine used to have Thanksgiving dinner as a student and they visited many of the areas Elaine went 50 years ago. For instance her old dormitory at Ludwell arms apartment in Williamsburg.

It was a pleasure to watch everyone having such a great time.

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