Another Great Wedding Idea!

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Ever thought about going outside the box for your wedding dessert? Outside the cake box I mean…

Brides have been trying to breakout of the old stereo types of everything the same with only decor, flavor and color differences. One of the ways you can do this is with a Dipped strawberries display instead of a traditional cake and it makes sense today as the cost should be less and the varieties are just as many and with all the new allergies to wheat gluten out there and sugar reactions, it almost makes for sense to do something that is more nutritious.

With that said lets check out some of ideas for strawberries:
Godiva Dipped Chocolate Strawberries, this is one of our specialties here at Colonial Gardens Bed and Breakfast & wedding venue.

Colonial Gardens Bed and Breakfast and wedding venue is perfect for intimate weddings, vow renewals and elopements. With packages to fit every budget and theme.

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