Why a Bed and Breakfast Wedding?

For many couples, a simple civil ceremony on the court house steps makes sense only because it is cheap, quick and stress free.  Sadly, however, most city halls are not known for being beautiful venues at which to vow love and commitment.

Bed and breakfasts however have a tradition of providing romantic atmosphere and experiences to couples. Whether you are looking for a private wedding ceremony or want to include a few members of the family and some friends, A B&B can offer many more advantages than city hall or a  traditional hotel or wedding venue and the cost may surprise you.

With that average cost of a wedding being upward of $30,000 in America, it is no wonder couples are looking to downsize the wedding to up-size the start of their new life together.

We offer 4 wedding packages, each one can be modified and curtailed to what each bride is looking for on her special day.

The best part is that it is a wedding, not just some words on the court house steps. It’s stress free, we do all the work, and it is affordable. Check out our packages

2 thoughts on “Why a Bed and Breakfast Wedding?

  1. Hi, me and my fiancee would like to know if you have a package for 20-30 guests. We are planning to get married on March 25. Thank you.

    • Hi Matt & Joy!

      We have packages ranging up to 50 guests so between 20-30 is the perfect size for out venue! I will forward your information on to Katie at the front desk so she can contact you directly about all the amenities we offer in our packages. If you would like to call directly, our number is 757-220-8087.

      Thank you for your inquiry! We will contact you soon!

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