When you stay at Colonial Gardens Bed and Breakfast, a full gourmet breakfast is included with your room rate.

Please note that breakfast is served at 8:30 am. As with most B&Bs, breakfast is served in one seating. If you would like to sleep late and miss our gourmet breakfast, please let us know the night before and we will make sure to have coffee, juice, and fruit available for you when you do rise.


Our signature dish is Cream Cheese-stuffed French Toast with Grand Marnier Orange Sauce.


The innkeeper is a gourmet cook and can accommodate Vegan, Vegetarian, Low Fat, and gluten/dairy-free diets.


Be sure to let us know in advance if you have special dietary requirements!


All breakfast dishes served with coffee, tea, juice, and water.


Apple Pie Pancakes - served with apple pie syrup, bacon and cheddar cheese scrambled eggs alongside fresh-cut apple wedges with sliced cheddar.


Blueberry and Ricotta-stuffed French Toast - served with real blueberry syrup, baked cheese-stuffed eggs, link sausage alongside fresh blueberries and cantaloupe covered with a crumbled blueberry white English stilton cheese.


French Crepes - served with a chocolate spread, fresh strawberries, and bananas topped with strawberry sauce, a hint of fudge sauce, and whipped cream with baked cream eggs and sausage patties alongside a chocolate-dipped strawberry.


Eggs Benedict - served with homemade hollandaise with homegrown tarragon served with seasonal fruit.


Strawberry and Cream Cheese-stuffed Croissant - drizzled with strawberry sauce and then baked for just enough time to melt the cream cheese and strawberries together... of course, it's served with an egg and meat, but after this who cares?


Lemon Pancake Rolls - these delicate lemon-flavored pancakes are rolled with a mascarpone cheese in the middle and then served with fresh blueberries and blueberry syrup on top. Alongside you will enjoy tarragon-laced scrambled egg and link sausage for a perfect pairing.


Chocolate French Toast with Raspberry Sauce - It really does not get much better than this. Layers of French toast are lightly browned before a fair amount of bittersweet Godiva chocolate is sandwiched between two of them. Once French toast is brought to a perfect golden brown, a homemade raspberry sauce is drizzled over them just before large fresh raspberries are placed on top. Eggs for this dish are baked in cream in the oven to a delicate finish that keeps the egg whole and moist yet done through. Served with triple-thick Smithfield bacon.

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