Welcome to Karen's Kitchen!
Here we hope you will enjoy wonderful recipes and photos of some of the epicurean delights you will experience while visiting the Colonial Gardens Bed and Breakfast in Williamsburg, Virginia. Many of the recipes are created by Karen and some are even demonstrated in our "In the Kitchen with Karen" video series. So check back every few months for new cooking classes teaching how to make fabulously, decadent, and impressive breakfast fare.

Our gourmet cooking classes are designed to teach the classic techniques along with many simple, but essential, tricks of the trade. You will learn scrumptious dishes using some of the season's freshest ingredients and home-grown herbs.

It was once said that nothing brings people together like a common enemy, which is true but not exactly the best way to bring people together. Now food on the other hand really can bring many different kinds of people together. If you sit a few people down who don't know each other and tell them that the only thing they can talk about is food, you will have a conversation in seconds. Memories will start to be shared, then stories, and soon laughs. You can really tell a lot about a person when you start to talk about food. So next time you don't know what to talk about, share a story about food. Everyone has to eat, so everyone has to relate in some way to food.

Karen has a love of both food and bringing people together. So it is easy to see why Colonial Gardens Bed and Breakfast has been such a success.

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