Top 3 cities that are within a day’s drive from Williamsburg.

            Bordered by the counties of James City and York and located 3 hours south of Washington, D.C. lies the city of Williamsburg, Virginia. A city that is known for its historical influence during the colonial era, the area has grown to nearly 15,000 people. Because of its location along I-64, it is quite easy to drive to other large cities that have many activities to see and do.

In this article, I have highlighted the top 3 cities that are within a day’s drive from Williamsburg.


Washington, D.C

            Our first and furthest destination from Williamsburg is the Nation’s Capital. If you have three hours of leisure time to take a roadtrip, this is one place that you for sure do not want to miss. One of the many benefits of visiting this amazing city is that it has many activities for people who have different interests. If you are like myself and love the arts, then come explore the National Gallery of Art. A few of the upcoming exhibits are Tintoretto: the Artist of Venice at 500 and Corot: Women. The best part of the museum is that admission is free for all.

            Besides being a city that has a high regard for art, the District of Columbia is also home to some world-class museums. One of those museums is the National Air and Space Museum. Some of the current exhibitions that are viewable to the public are Clouds in a Bag and Artist Soldiers.

            In addition to the art and museums, the District of Columbia is also home to a very passionate sports fan base. For all sports fans, do not forget to purchase tickets to any of the respective sports teams. The teams are the Redskins(Football), Nationals(Baseball), Capitals(Hockey), and Wizards(Basketball).


Charlottesville, VA

            Only two hours away and known as the home of the University of Virginia, is the city of Charlottesville, VA. An interesting fact about the name “Charlottesville”  is that it was named for  Princess Charlotte who became queen when she married King George III.

Additionally, the city has tons of activities to see and do.

            One of the sites to see in the area is Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. A couple of sites to see at Mr. Jeffersons’s mansion are the many gardens that surround the property. If you are interested in learning more about what flowers are blooming this season, be sure to check out this guide .

            Apart from Thomas Jeffersons’s Monticello, the city of Charlottesville is also home to some nearby national parks. One of those places is Shenandoah National Park. The area has over 500 miles of hiking trails. However, make sure that you find a trail that suits you best. Also, do not forget to bring lots of water and a hat because it can get hot while hiking.


Richmond, VA

            The closest city on our quick road trip guide, the capital of Virginia also has plenty of activities to see and do. Known as the “Capital of the South” and “River City”, Richmond is one place that you do not want to miss if you only have one hour to spare from Williamsburg.

            If you love history, then Richmond is one place that you should put on your list for places to visit. One of the sites that show the city’s emphasis on maintaining the area’s respective history is the American Civil War Museum. Here, you will find various objects, art pieces, and other artifacts from the respective time period. A few current exhibits to explore are Appomattox and the White House of the Confederacy. It is important to note that if you have a National Parks Pass, it does not guarantee you admission to the museum. Therefore, you must buy tickets.  

            Given its location along I-64, Williamsburg is a quick drive to Washington, D.C, Charlottesville, or Richmond. All of these cities have unique activities for visitors to see and do, while they also experience Southern hospitality. Lastly, be sure that you rent an energy-efficient car to have a fun and eco-friendly road trip.

Contributed by Dylan Moskowitz

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