Ultimate Virginia Road Trip

Ultimate Virginia Road Trip

      Virginia is a beautiful and historical state that you should explore. As home to some of the oldest sites in the country, the state of Virginia is the perfect choice for your next trip. In this article, I have included a few cities that are worth exploring in “Old Dominion”.

Arlington, VA

          Located just outside of Washington, DC is the the city of Arlington, Virginia. Two interesting facts about Arlington is that it was once part of DC and is the country’s smallest self-governing county. One site to visit while in Arlington is Arlington National Cemetery. Famous political leaders, such as former United States President John F. Kennedy are buried at Arlington. His grave is marked with an “eternal flame”, which is maintained by the cemetery’s groundskeepers and represents that he will be always remembered for his contributions to the country. Another site at the cemetery to explore is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, where unidentified American combatants are interred from wars that include the American Revolution. As a warning, be sure to remain quiet at the tomb as a sign of respect to those whom we lost.  Arlington National Cemetery is fascinating for those who have an interest in history, or are looking to pay their respects to veterans who sacrificed their lives for the United States.


Williamsburg, VA

          If you prefer to stay within the local area, Williamsburg also has tons of activities to see and do. Known as part of Virginia’s “historic triangle,” the city is home to Colonial Williamsburg which highlights the evolutionary history of American life. At the Colonial Williamsburg museum, you will feel as though you had just stepped back in time. Through visual representations, you will be able to see how American life has changed from the past to the present. Two other sites that are part of Virginia’s “historic triangle” are Yorktown(where the American Revolution was won) and Jamestown(where the first British colony in the Americas was founded). In particular, Jamestown is home to the historic, Jamestown Fort, which is one of the many sites that represent European exploration into the New World.


Virginia Beach, VA

          Besides the diversity of historical sites, the state of Virginia is also home to some beautiful beaches. Because of the amazing beach and weather, Virginia Beach can become crowded in the early summer months. Therefore, it is advised to visit in later summer months, when it is not as crowded. One site to visit in Virginia Beach is First Landing State Park. The site has many natural features, which include an oceanfront, woodland, and a swampland park. An interesting site about First Landing is that it was the original site where British colonists docked before settling in Jamestown.  Additionally, the park contains camping facilities and trails for hiking and biking for people who love nature and enjoy being active.


Luray, VA

          Our last stop on our Ultimate Virginia Road trip is the town of  Luray, Virginia. Located in the Shenandoah Valley, Luray is home to the famous Luray Caverns. The caverns are a massive network of caves that can be toured, and include some marvels like the Great Stalacpipe Organ. The organ is composed of stalagmites and stalactites. The whole tour is roughly a mile and a half long and is great for tourists who enjoy underground exploration.


          “Old Dominion” has an assortment of activities to see and do. Whether you prefer the historical or more nature-oriented activities, the state of Virginia has covered. Welcome to Virginia. We are glad that you came to visit.

Contributed by Dylan Moskowitz

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