Colonial Wedding Favors – Williamsburg, VA Edition


Are you having your wedding in historic Williamsburg, Virginia? Why not make the most of the theme with some fun, Colonial wedding favors? There are lots of favors to choose from that compliment the overall theme of the wedding, while bringing in the historic, Colonial feel of our quaint town. We have listed some popular favors we’ve seen from some of our brides that we love (and you will too!) Colonial Williamsburg has some souvenirs that will bring Colonial history to your big day.


American Heritage Chocolates

Colonial Wedding FavorsAmerican Heritage Historic Chocolate is all about bringing the history of chocolate to life. They have a lot of fabulous products, made only with ingredients and processes available in the 1700s. They partner with museums across the country, allowing history buffs to experience chocolate as it was made in Colonial times. Lucky for us, one of the museums that American Heritage has partnered with is Colonial Williamsburg!

They offer a few historic options, such as, hot cocoa and chocolate bites, that serve as a very unique way to give chocolate as a favor. The packaging is also really special, complimenting any table setting or wedding decor. Chocolate is already a wedding favor favorite, so this is an easy way to make your party unique.

These favors can be purchased in-store or online, so you can have them wherever your wedding is taking place!


Bottled Tavern Beverages – The Historic Colonial Williamsburg Taverns

CW Tavern BeveragesColonial Williamsburg is home to four, historic taverns, each with a unique theme. They are a fun experience for those visiting the CW. Two of the taverns, Chowning’s Tavern and King’s Arms Tavern offer bottled beverages, great for individual favors. Chowning’s Tavern offers rootbeer and King’s Arms Tavern offers ginger ale. These have a beautiful, historic label and a nice dark bottle that enhance the theme and can be easily dressed up with a colored or burlap ribbon. These are a great way to bring the fun touch of the historic taverns to a Colonial-style or vintage wedding.

These favors can be purchased in-store or online.


Seed Packets – Colonial Williamsburg Settlement Gardens

CW GardensAre you having a garden-style wedding? Colonial Williamsburg has a favor for that too! Every year, visitors from all over the world come to see the breathtaking gardens of the historic settlement. A great, inexpensive favor option we’ve seen lots of our brides use is seed packets. Colonial Williamsburg offers many difference varieties, some of which are very unique to the Colonial time period. They offer vegetables, herbs, and flowers that are grown in Colonial Williamsburg. The unique varieties of flower and the packaging makes these a very special addition to the event.

These favors can be purchase in-store or online.


These Colonial wedding favors are a unique, quaint addition to your event
that will delight your guests!