Winter Snow

OK, so we know whats coming or at least what they say is coming of course with a forecast like 2 to 10 inches does anyone really know whats coming? I am most certain of two things hereĀ  today, one, it is darn cold! about 20 right now and two, we have the coziest and most romantic rooms to ride out a winter Storm.

Each of the rooms and suites has a fireplace and down comforters! Cozy robes and slippers are also available in each room! and the sun room…. hot apple cider, hot teas and coffees along with biscotti, crackers and even a wine refrigerator that is stocked!

Now, what are you waiting for? An invitation? well here it is! You call and mention this posting and we will give you a bottle of wine at check in to enjoy during your stay!

We are a wonderful place to spend a romantic getaway to pop the question or enjoy an anniversary or just to share some quality time with your sweetheart.

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