Amazing Brunch in “The Burg”

Anyone who knows me knows I love to eat, Drink and be merry but mostly I love to eat. I over heard someone at a Superbowl party talk about a wonderful Greek brunch in town at the Hellenic Center, so I made a mental note of the name until the next opportunity came to try it out.

We were a party of six and snow was on the ground for the first time all winter so we decided to give it a try. We arrived about 11:am and thought for sure they were closed as there were so few cars in the parking lot, I had heard you needed reservations so we wondered. It was in fact open, it appeared that most folks were just getting a late start due to the weather.

We walked into a rather grand entry hall with chandeliers and were quickly escorted to our table. Not many folks here we thought but as we eyed the buffet on the far right of the room we were immediately taken in by the array of desserts on beautifully decorated tables. we sat down, ordered Bloody Marys and coffee then stated our individual culinary-missions. I had already had a bit to eat earlier in the morning so I thought it best to try starting with lunch.

In a word “amazing”


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