New For Fall, Apple Pie Pancakes!

Imagine you have awakened to the savoy smell of Applewood Smoked Bacon wafting into your room. As you pull back the covers and reach for your robe on this somewhat crisp morning, you can also smell the Kona coffee brewing which seems to be summoning you from down stairs. You gently shake your sweetheart still in dreamland and ask “do you smell that honey?” She does now.

As you descend the stairpancakecase you begin to hear the other guests enjoying light heart-ed morning conversation and enjoying their coffee, you join them, happy to have Jennifer fill your cup with steaming hot coffee from the Hawaiian islands, rich and robust.

As the last of the guests arrive for breakfast Joy begins to deliver the plates one by one & everyone gazes down at their plate as a hush becomes palpable around the table. As the last plate is laid Jennifer begins “this morning you have our wonderful Apple Pie Pancakes made with crisp, sweet apple chucks and homemade apple pie syrup. Your eggs have been scrambled lightly with a sharp cheddar cheese our Applewood Smoked Bacon, and of course our homemade southern fried apples, Bon Appetite’.

A strange noise comes from your belly and as you open your eyes you realize this has been nothing more than a dream and the panic begins to crawl from your belly, straight down your arm into your hand which then reaches for the phone to dial our number 757-…-…. ” this is Joy, how can I help you today” you begin to blurt out “apples, I mean pie, I mean bacon……..” Joy calmly assures you, yes we know that dream, what day can we reserve your room sir?

Make sure you requests this amazing breakfast when you reserve your room or suite with us this fall. Check out or last minute specials too! See you soon

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