Cafe’ Scene

So I thought someone might appreciate a locals perspective on the Coffee and Café scene around town.

I love coffee, I love baked goods and I love them when they are close to home and we have so many choices of wining and dining establishments but we also have a few cafes to enjoy a quick snack or relaxing cup of coffee with a rich delicious chocolate brownie…..

So if it is a quick bite for brunch or lunch I like to point folks toward either Aromas or Carrot Tree Kitchens. Lets start with Aromasaromas.

Set right smack in the middle of Prince George Street downtown, Aromas is a fun often busy little cafe with a dozen seats out side and closer to 50 inside. There can be a line to order depending on what time or day it is but its worth the wait. You will find anything from soup, quiche and sandwiches to cakes, pies, pastries and lot of coffee! Everything is made in house and everything is delicious! They regularly have live entertainment and host open mic nights when they don’t.

Now, if my guest is looking more for a less hustle and bustle lunch I will send them to Carrot Tree Kitchens. Carrot tree has a wonderful assortment of soups and sandwiches and everyday quiche specials along with baked goods and take home salads and soups for sale. Carrot tree is more of a lunch cafe’ then a coffee cafe’ you will enjoy the freshness of all their foods and the breads are homemade as well.

So if my guest has a hankering for an really nice piece of chocolate cake or brownie or anything chocolate really, we will send them to “Mad about Chocolate” also on Prince George Street. mad

Not only can they have their cake and eat it too but they can have it with wine or coffee. No that’s what I call a night cap. They also do private parties and catering.

The best part about these cafe’s? They are all within 2 miles of our place. So what are you waiting for? Call today to book your stay here and enjoy a gourmet breakfast served with Kona coffee included in your room rate!

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