The Exclusive Da Vinci showing

DaVinciAliveExhibitionTelAviv0342Leonardo da Vinci and HIs Idea of Beauty
February 21 through April 5, 2015

The College of William and Mary plays hosts to many outstanding and desirable events during each year and this one leaves one breathless. It is truly a once and a lifetime event that you will not want to miss even if it means making a special trip.

The Muscarelle Museum of Art, is presenting this exclusive & unprecedented collection of more than two dozen works by the renown Masters,┬áMichelangelo & Leonardo Da Vinci. This show will contrast Da Vinci’s idea of beauty with Michelangelo’s.
Leonardo Da Vinci and His Idea of Beauty, is showing at the Muscarelle February 21 through April 5, 2015. before it opens again in Boston on April 15, Da Vinci’s Birthday! and closes on June 14, 2015. These are the only two venues for this extraordinary exhibition.
There is so much more to do while here with our outstanding shopping, restaurants & entertainment. While your thinking about coming for a visit why not try staying with us. Truly luxury accommodations to recharge and rewind.

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