Welcome Joy Pici

Ron and I want to take a moment to introduce Joy Pici from Orlando Florida.

Joy was one of well over 50 applicants for the position of assistant innkeeper, and we could not be happier about our choice.

a few words from Joy :

I hadn’t been in Williamsburg 5 minutes before I had fallen in love. The beauty of this town captivated me immediately…and that was during the muddy weeks of March! I cannot even imagine how lovely spring and summer will become. I find myself continually delighted every time I step outside.
I applied with Karen for the position of new assistant innkeeper in February, having worked for almost 10 years as an administrative assistant for various companies, from hospitals to hospitality. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science (and not finding the job market very friendly), I decided to finally pursue my dream to work at a B&B. There are many people that have experience in administration and management, as I do. What I bring to the table is a passion for people and a passion to serve. Growing up, my parents always welcomed guests into our home. These are memories I cherish and a practice I have continued in my own life. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to bring this attitude of service to the B&B. I look forward to learning and growing here in Williamsburg and at Colonial Gardens.

And Joy, we are thrilled to have you!

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