Salt Spa Not Just For Allergies!

When ever we have guests staying with us who are in need of some allergy relief or 1011442simply some relaxation, we like to suggest the  Salt Spa to them.

The Salt Spa, located at 1111 Old Colony Lane is just 1/2 mile from us on Jamestown road, imported over 15 tons of healing, therapeutic salts from Poland and Pakistan back in 2008 for the cave like environment they have created. Once inside the cave you can relax and lounge, fall asleep or have a massage all while taking in the curative attributes of the elements such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, iodine, & Bromine.

The cave is kept at a low humidly level at 40-50% and always a constant 75 degrees so no one is chilled. Not only is this a great place to nap and relax it is also a great place to bring your well behaved children. The spa has toys in the cave for children to sit and play in the salts.  If water is more your thing then try out there float tanks! Amazing tanks of water filled with silky waters with healing minerals to allow a boy-ency to the water so your can drift off and achieve complete relaxation

You can make an appointment at (757) 229-1022


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