Vacation Exercises That Don’t Require a Gym or Equipment

Vacation weight is a real problem.  You’re eating good food, and skipping your usual gym routine. We all know how it works, you go on vacation and you feel like since you don’t have your gym membership and the equipment, that you should just take the whole week off.  WRONG.  It is so much harder to get back to the “real world routine” if that includes having to drag yourself back into hitting the gym, too.  Take 20 minutes to knock out this circuit 3 times in the hotel room before you hop in the shower, because these exercises don’t require anything except your own bodyweight.

15 Squats- This is an excellent warm-up exercise to get the blood flowing.Goblet-Squats

15 Burpees- This is a cardiovascular based exercise that works various muscle groups, all in one exercise.burpee

30 Lunges (15 each leg)- These will build muscle in your quads and stretch your hamstrings out.lunge

15 V Ups- This exercise is a variation on sit ups, but a little less difficult.V Up

15 Glute Bridges- Squeeze your glutes, and raise your hips toward the sky. glute-bridge

15 Pushups- This is a classic exercise for a reason, as it builds shoulder and arm strength.pushup

45 Second Plank- Squeeze your core tight and breathe deeply.plank

15 Squat Jumps- This is a variation of the squat, but in this exercise, you jump up from the squat position.Squat-Jump


After you’ve finished, you feel empowered, energized and ready to take on anything! Now go enjoy that vacation food!

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