5 Questions to Ask Your Potential Wedding Vendors

When planning a wedding or even an elopement, it is inevitable you will have to hire vendors to help bring your vision to life. As you are interviewing potential vendors, make sure to ask these important questions:

Do you have references?

This seems like an obvious question, but many people are afraid to ask for good old fashioned references.  Ask for a couple previous brides and a vendor colleague as well. Shoot them all a mass email inquiring about XYZ vendor and if they would recommend XYZ services. You will get a broad picture of what working with this vendor will truly be like, and you will feel more assured about spending your hard earned money on quality help!

Are you insured and how long have you had your business license?

Sometimes we forget to ask what seems like to be the simplest question, which is are we covered if something were to happen at the event?  Also, how long the vendor has had their business license speaks to their credibility within the field.  You want to hire someone who has been around the block a few times, and has dealt with the majority of situations that would arise.

What inspires you to do this?

Ask vendors why they do what they do; what motivates them to be successful?  Does their passion drive them? Their family? The art of it? Ask the tough questions and you will get to know the essence of your vendor, and you and your significant other can make an informed decision as whether you are compatible with the vendor.

What is your response rate?

How long does it typically take for the vendor to respond via email?  Can you text them, call them, fax them if that is your preferred method? What kind of information will they need from you in order to book?

What are three words to describe your style?

This question will also help you to get a better understanding of the vendor product. As a couple, you will want to decide the overall feel of your event. Additionally, most vendors will love responding to this type of question because there is no wrong answer, they get to express their views and see if they can align with your vision.

It’s a no brainer, ask these 5 questions.  The replies will help you to navigate and understand whether the vendor in front of you will carry out you and your fiancés plan for your special day.


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