Sailing on the York River

allianceIt was a beautiful evening driving on Colonial Parkway on the way to historic Yorktown, Virginia. We arrived around 4:00 pm and walked out to the patio at the Water Street Grille for some appetizers and beer flights. We could see our ship peacefully floating just a stone’s throw away. It was so easy to enjoy the beautiful weather and relaxing atmosphere.  We ordered the Nachos Your Way, as well as the Crab and Shrimp Spring Rolls.  Both were delicious and very filling! Once we finished our food and drinks, we headed down to the pier to embark on our journey.

Our ship, the Alliance was tied up to the dock waiting for us to board.  The schooner is a 105 foot gaff- rigged boat that offers 2 hour cruises on the Chesapeake Bay tidewaters.  They also offer a more adventurous option to sail for 7 days to the Caribbean.   A warm breeze grazed our faces as we ventured on to the ship’s deck and found a spot close to the captain for departure.  The captain untied from the dock and began to venture out into the Chesapeake Bay.  Our host was a skilled storyteller of the history of the battle of Yorktown and the landmarks that we could see from the deck.  As the stories concluded, the galley was opened for beer, wine and light refreshments.  The captain and crew continued to answer questions and entertain guests as the sun began to set over the water.  As we concluded our tour, we were very thankful to have shared this beautiful and exciting experience.

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