Seasoned Advice to Help You Set the Date

As we approach the end of engagement season, we know many of you may have recently gotten engaged! This is an exciting time and the beginning of lots of planning and decisions that will need to be made for your special day. But before you can choose a venue, hire catering, or even just choose a theme, you will need to set the date! While this may seem pretty straight forward, your date will end up affecting almost every aspect of the wedding, from the size of your guest list to the price of your venue and cake. Setting the date with care will help you stay on budget and help you and your guests enjoy your event to the full.

Holidays – We say no.

Holidays can be convenient because it you and your guests don’t have work or school to worry about missing. It can also be nice to have the flexibility of a four-day weekend. However, having any event on a holiday weekend is going to cost you serious money. Wedding venues and hotel rooms typically run higher rates on holidays. Expect to pay more for vendors, like your caterer and photographer, as well. In addition, depending on the holiday, many of your guests may be heading out of town or wanting to spend time with their own family on a holiday. You may end up with an expensive event that not many of your guests are able to attend.
Note: Holidays include major sporting events, such as the Super Bowl and the World Series!

Anniversaries or Birthdays of Others – We say maybe.

Sometimes, couples choose to honor a loved one by having their wedding on that person’s anniversary or birthday. This can be a great way to show love to a family member, especially in remembrance of one that has passed on. However, this is not always appropriate for every situation. Be mindful that individuals or couples may want to keep their anniversary or birthday as a special day for them, instead of “sharing it”. It may be more appropriate to ask them if they would like to be honored in this way. If not, there may be some other way to include them in the ceremony.

Weekdays – We say maybe.

Weekday weddings are great for the budget-conscious bride. Airfare, hotel rooms, venues, and vendors can usually be arranged at a discount on a weekday. The drawbacks to a weekday wedding are usually for the guests. While they will also benefit from cheaper airfare and hotel accommodations, realize that most people will have to take time off of work to attend. If many of your guests have children, they will need to arrange for school pickups and may not be able to stay late into the night. When deciding between a weekday or weekend wedding, you will need to take your wedding party and guest list into account.

Unlucky days – We say maybe.

Certain days are said to be unlucky for your marriage. These include Friday the 13th, the Ides of March (15th of March), and others. If you are not superstitious, these dates will be easier to book, and you may even find a discount! If you are superstitious, we recommend steering clear, even just to reduce your stress!

Other Date Tips:

Avoid stressful days or weeks. These include:

  • The weekend before April 15th (Tax Day)
  • Finals week (if you have students in the wedding party)
  • The last month of a family member’s pregnancy

Avoid certain religious observances of key members of the wedding party or family. If the majority of your guests are of a certain religion, plan your date accordingly.


The most important aspect of planning your date is striking a balance between what will work best for you, your family, and your wedding party (and your budget!). There will be no perfect date that works for every guest on your list, but it is important to keep them in mind when setting your date

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