Serving an Elegant Breakfast In Bed for your Sweetheart

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show love to the special people in our lives and there is no better way to start off the big day than with breakfast in bed! Serving breakfast in bed to your significant other, bestie, or mom will not only make them feel spoiled and cared for, but it’s a great excuse to slide in next to them to enjoy one yourself! (Even if you’re the one who made it.) We love to spoil our guests with breakfast in bed for extra special occasions. Breakfast in bed can be a little tricky, but with a few basic tips, you’ll be able to impress your significant other with ease! Here are a few tips we’ve picked up:

Plan the menu ahead of time. We recommend serving an egg dish, a carbohydrate (like croissants or french toast), a meat, and fresh fruit. However, plan it with your love in mind! Tailor the menu to fit their likes. If they usually have a light breakfast, stick with light recipes you know they’ll enjoy. Breakfast in bed isn’t all about quantity; it’s about quality and presentation! Which brings us to our next tip…

Attention to detail is what will take your gift to the next level. A beautiful setting on a tray will enchant him or her before she even tastes the food. Proper settings, cloth napkins, lace doilies, a fresh, long-stem rose, and sugar cubes are special touches that will make even a simple breakfast feel elegant.

Include little extras. Maybe there was a sweet poem that made you think of him or her. Maybe it’s a small gift you want to present. These are nice little surprises that will be delightful additions and discoveries as they enjoy their meal.

Add something a little decadent! Spoil him or her with a mimosa or chocolate covered fruit. It is a special occasion, after all.

Cook what you know. If you do want to add in a new recipe, try it out ahead of time for practice. This will ensure you know how long it will take to prepare as well as all the steps and ingredients required. Don’t get too crazy with new or fancy dishes! It’s better to make something simple well than to make something fancy poorly.

You don’t have to cook! Pick up something from her favorite diner and plate it in an elegant way on the tray. (If you go this route, we suggest cooking the egg portion of the order at home.) Don’t be afraid to buy something pre-made you can heat up or serve cold. If you do decide to make everything yourself, try some recipes that can be prepared the night before, like a tart or overnight French toast.

Start with a coffee/tea tray. Wake him or her up to a tray with hot coffee or tea, with their favorite mug or a beautiful new tea set (a great gift idea for the tea lover!). Pour the coffee or tea for them and allow them to add what they like, like cream, sugar, honey, etc. Bring them the morning paper or their favorite book. This will give them some time to wake up and enjoy their coffee and it will buy you some time to finish plating breakfast.

Keep things hot! This is most difficult part of serving breakfast in bed, especially if you are bringing outside food in. Start by warming your plates in the oven. (Be careful not to leave them in too long so no one gets burned) We also suggest making things that can be easily kept warm, like homemade biscuits or stuffed croissants. The golden rule of serving breakfast is: plate the eggs last. Eggs will get cold very fast so make something that can come out of the oven perfectly timed for breakfast, or a simpler omelette or scrambled option that can be done right before serving.

Don’t leave a messy kitchen. This is THE most important part of breakfast in bed. Nothing will ruin the romance and elegance of a luxurious breakfast than walking into a mess they will have to clean up. Breakfast in bed is a package deal! After breakfast, have them enjoy a nice long shower or read the paper while you take care of the dishes. Also, try to clean up as much as possible while you’re cooking so you don’t have a disaster area.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect! If you plan ahead, present with elegance, serve foods they enjoy, and clean up the mess, you can give them a special, hotel-style experience that will delight them until next year!


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