Summer 2016 Wedding Trends We’re Loving!

Need last minute ideas for your summer wedding or a spontaneous summer elopement? As wedding experts in the Williamsburg, VA area we are keeping an eye on all the latest trends and a have a few ideas on how to keep it within your budget. We are loving this summer’s trends, featuring beautiful and unique colors, themes, cakes, food options, and of course the dress! This year’s weddings are all about customizing to fit the personality of the couple and their vision.

Muted or Modern with Pops of Glitz!

Color trends are revolving around two different styles of colors palette. Muted and pastel shades give a light, airy, and romantic aura to the event. The muted tones are great for many different themes. Some of our favorites are an old world romance, a rustic barn, or a simple “backyard” style theme.

Another popular palette is neutral tones with a bright, modern accent color. This accent color gives a bold, modern, and fun feel to the event. Some great themes with this color palette are traditional modern, beachside, and even a classy vintage. Be aware: it can be expensive to find fresh flowers in these brighter colors and you may need to be flexible with your florist using some silks.

Whether you choose the more neutral pastels or pops of color, metallic accents make for a dynamic design that works with almost every theme.


Destination Wedding at Home

Having a destination wedding can be fun and romantic, giving amazing venue options your hometown may not have. However, destination weddings not possible for every wedding party. So why not bring your destination closer to home? By bringing in little special touches that reflect the country or city of your choice, you can very simply and inexpensively transform your reception space and transport you and your guest to the destination of your choice. Check antique shops and estate sales for inexpensive accessories you can decorate with. Less is more! A few statement pieces with neutral linens and flowers can really make all the difference.


candlelight-1433175_640Mood lighting can take a general reception space and make it your own. This used to mean bringing in lots of uplighting for walls and fabrics. However, if this is not in your budget, a great trend is using twinkle lights and accent string lights that frame the space and give a romantic glow. Don’t forget about using candles, torches, fire pits, and sparklers!


Alternative Food Service Options

Sit down meals are great if you’re sticking to a very traditional and formal wedding. However, if you prefer something a little more non-traditional, many brides are opting for passed hor d’oeuvres, food and snack self-serve bars, or even food trucks! This keeps guests moving around, chatting with other guests, and creates an all around more relaxed and comfortable feel. Be aware: smaller items does not mean a smaller price tag! Hor d’oeuvres can be priced per piece, not per person. Also, check on prices of small platters and how many guests they will serve. Small items tend to add up fast!

Simple Cakes

candy-680200_640Simple buttercream decorated cakes are quickly outpacing fondant in popularity due to its affordability and simple elegance. Look for a cake decorator that specializes in buttercream decorations. You can get a really smooth, almost fondant like, finish in lots of unique colors. Another simple, rustic, elegant trend for this summer is the naked cake design. This is the perfect cake idea for a bride and groom that don’t enjoy icing. This style shows off the beautiful layers of cake and choice of fillings. Big accent flowers or fruits are often used to decorate. Truly a stunning centerpiece!

Nontraditional Dresses

bride-926690_640While the traditional, white wedding gown is still a common and beautiful choice, the current trend is nontraditional styles or a nontraditional color. Light pastel colors and blush pink give a otherworldly, romantic aura, while ivory and champagne give a richness and elegance. If you’re still looking for the dress, try a style you would never expect to like! While there a lot of beautiful styles trending right now, you can’t go wrong with a timeless dress that will look beautiful in photos for years to come.


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