Find Veteran’s Day Discounts 2016 – Williamsburg, Virginia

Williamsburg, Virginia is a place full of history, dating back to the discovery and then birth of our great country. Since then, many brave men have served, putting their lives on the line to protect and defend The United States. We often have active military and veterans come through our doors, and we are honored to have them stay with us. We are proud to say that our town takes good care of the veterans that come through for a visit. 

Pro Tips for Finding Military Discounts

  • Most establishments do offer a military discount (especially hotels and bed and breakfasts!), however very few advertise it. Always ask for the discount when calling, ordering, or when checking out.
  • Always bring your military I.D. with you. While some smaller businesses may follow the honor system, most do not. 


Looking for some Veteran’s Day Discounts this year? Check out what Williamsburg has to offer!


Veteran’s Day Discounts 2016 Williamsburg, Virginia

Veteran's Day discounts 2016 Williamsburg Virginia

Colonial Williamsburg is one of the most popular attractions in Williamsburg, Virginia. It offers an inside look at what the colony was like during the heat of the Revolutionary War. The attraction presents reenactments, tours, and trade shops, all set in the 1700s. Beautifully restored to its original glory, this attraction is a must see while in Williamsburg.

Given their own military history, it is not surprising that Colonial Williamsburg offers some great discounts for veterans as well as active military personnel.

Colonial Williamsburg Veteran’s Day Discount

Honoring Service to America Weekend
Friday, November 11th – Monday, November 14th
Military families receive a free Colonial Williamsburg admission ticket.

That’s not all! Colonial Williamsburg offers many military discounts throughout the year on activities like golfing, 10% off of food and lodging, and use of the Liberty Lounge, a special lounge to rest from all the walking and activity of the settlement.



Veteran's Day discounts 2016 Williamsburg Virginia

Historic Jamestowne is another great historic settlement in Williamsburg, Virginia. Much like Colonial Williamsburg, the settlement has been restored and offers tourists the opportunity to experience Jamestowne as the English settlers did when they discovered the New World. The attraction offers reenactments, museums, and even an active archeological dig site! 

Veteran’s Day at Historic Jamestowne
November 11th, 2016
Free Admission to All Veterans

Click Here to See More About the Settlement


Veteran's Day discounts 2016 Williamsburg Virginia

The Williamsburg Salt Spa is a luxurious offering for visitors from all over the world. They incorporate salt into every aspect of the spa, utilizing it’s healing properties to enhance relaxation. The spa not only offers massages, but also salt baths, reminiscent of the Dead Sea, and the only salt cave on the east coast. They boast relaxation, treatment for chronic respiratory diseases, and pain relief.

Veteran’s Day Discount at The Williamsburg Salt Spa
November 11th-November 13th, 2016
All Veterans, Active Duty, and Retired U.S. Military are welcome to enjoy a 45 minute Salt Therapy Session and a 60 minute Float Tank Session at a discount. 

Click Here for Details on the Discount
Click Here for Details about the Spa


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