6 Tips for Perfect Fresh Flower Arrangements

How do they do it?

We walk into hotels, small bed and breakfasts, or even people’s homes and see the most breathtaking flower arrangements. Some hire out to professional florists, however, some, like us, do not. And we have a secret…

You can do it too!

The florists at Colonial Gardens have put together 6 easy to follow tips that will help you make stunning arrangements at home! You don’t have to be a professional florist or Martha Stewart. All you need is some imagination, some grocery store flowers, and these 6 tips!

6 Tips for Perfect Fresh Flower Arrangements

Tip 1: Decide on a Theme

Imagine, for a moment, the ideal arrangement you would like to have. Do you want an earthy arrangement that will look as if you just cut them from your garden? Or would you like a more modern, formal feel, perfect for a dinner party?

Think about the current decoration of the room or the venue in which the arrangement will be sitting. If you choose a theme that goes against the current decor, the arrangement will clash and feel unnatural. Instead, the display should compliment and enhance the current decorations.

Tips for Perfect Fresh Flower Arrangements

Tip 2: Decide on the Height

Do you want thin, tall arrangement or a short arrangement?

To make this decision, decide first where the arrangement will be placed. Very tall arrangements should have a place in a room with tall ceilings, lower tables, or even on the floor. For dining table arrangements, we recommend short displays, which will allow guests to see each other. In addition, longer tables look great with runner arrangements to compliment them. Again, work with a size that will compliment the space, instead of crowd.

Tips for Perfect Fresh Flower Arrangements

Tip 3: Decide on a Vase

The vase you choose will make a definite impact on the arrangement itself. In fact, this will be the deciding factor in establishing a theme.

Do you want an out of the garden theme?
Try a small tin bucket, a worn clay pot, or even a glass mason jar.

Looking for a classic, earthy, architectural theme?
Pick an antique statement piece, such as a Chinese urn or detailed ceramic pieces.

Want to keep it modern?
Glass is the way to go!

Either way, decide what aspect of the arrangement you want to be the focus, either the flowers or the vase. For really special and unique vases, the vase will serve as the centerpiece with the flowers themselves serving as an accent. For simple vases, plan for the flowers to stand out.

Tips for Perfect Fresh Flower Arrangements

Tip 4: Decide on the Color Palette

The color palette you build will depend on a few things.

  • The Decor in the Room/Venue
    This is where the color palette begins to be built. Remember how we said the theme needs to match the decor? This goes for the color as well. Arrangements with colors that clash will look out of place and uncomfortable in the space. Instead, consider colors that accentuate the existing colors.
  • The Color & Design of the Vase
    An arrangement is made up of both the flowers and the vase. In order for the display to be coherent, the two must compliment each other is size, shape, and color.
  • The Season of the Year
    Traditional, seasonal colors (pastels for spring, bright colors for summer, etc) are based on the natural coloration of flowers and blooms. Sticking with natural, seasonal colors will serve to enhance the natural atmosphere of the environment, creating a more peaceful and cogent design. On a more practical note, using the traditional colors of each season will save you some money when it comes to buying flowers.

Tip 5: Decide on the Flowers

As we discussed briefly above, the colors available of natural flowers will depend on the season on the year. If you want to stick with natural flowers at an affordable price, you will need to be aware of which flowers are in season and readily available.

But sometimes, we just need those out of season flowers! For special occasions, plan to special order out of season flowers and pay up to $10/stem or more! (that’s for just one flower!) We prefer to work with what’s in season. A bunch of seasonal flowers from Trader Joe’s for $3.99 sounds great to us!

In addition, it’s important to choose your flowers based on the size and height of the arrangement itself. Taller, larger arrangements will need bigger statement flowers, while smaller arrangements will look better with something more proportional.

Tip 6: Decide on your Accents

Flower arrangement accents come in many shapes and sizes.

Accents can come in the form of silk accent flowers, natural berries, ribbons, sparkly foam eggs for Easter, or even candies or acorns for inside the vase itself. These little touches can add that detail and care that will take an ordinary arrangement and make it something very special.

Tips for Perfect Fresh Flower Arrangements


Do you have any floral arrangement secrets to share?


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