6 Things You’ll Miss by Staying at a Hotel | Bed and Breakfast Vacations

Hotels aren’t the only option when booking your next vacation or weekend getaway. And, if you’ve never stayed at a bed and breakfast before, you’ve been missing out! Bed and breakfasts have become more and more popular with all generations as they offer a higher level of personalization that many seek in today’s fast paced, one-size-fits-all world. Each bed and breakfast offers a unique experience, helping guests unwind and truly become a part of the family.

If you’re looking for a hotel alternative for your next vacation, why not try a bed and breakfast?

Here are a list of the 6 Things You’ll Miss by Staying at a Hotel this vacation…

bed and breakfast vacationsPersonal Service

While hotels have hundreds of rooms, bed and breakfasts usually only have a handful. Because of this, innkeepers have the ability to give each guest individual attention. This is what makes bed and breakfasts the perfect choice when celebrating a special occasion, as they have the ability to go above and beyond to celebrate. You’re definitely not going to feel like just a number.

Meeting New People

One of the reasons travelers choose to stay at a bed and breakfast is the opportunity to meet new people. Most small bed and breakfasts will have one dining room table for breakfast, inviting all their guests to sit and have breakfast together. It’s always so nice to see our guests forming new friendships over a delicious meal.

Home Cooked Meals

If you’ve stayed at a hotel, especially those of you traveling for business, you’ve probably had your fair share of continental breakfasts, with the boxes of cereal and powdered eggs. But, it doesn’t have to be this way! Most bed and breakfasts offer a full, hot breakfast, included with your stay. And if you have food allergies, be sure to mention it, as many will happily make the accomodations.

True Quiet

Hotels never sleep. People check-in throughout the night, TVs are blaring, and there always seems to be smooth jazz playing in the brightly lit lobby. Not so, at a bed and breakfast. Because most are converted homes and are run by one or two innkeepers, once everyone is in for the night, the house shuts down. There are not many places that can claim to be quiet these day, but bed and breakfasts still can.

Unique Experience

If you’ve stayed at one Holiday Inn, you’ve stayed at them all. For quality control, hotels strive to make every experience identical, ensuring customer satisfaction. While this is important for large scale business, it’s also why your stay may feel a bit sterile. Bed and breakfasts take a different approach. The experience a bed and breakfast provides relies on many different aspects: the breakfast served, the season of the year, and even the guests themselves. These things will be different every time you book your stay, even when revisiting same place. This is what makes bed and breakfasts so special. You have the excitement of knowing there will be something new, but also the security of knowing you’re going to get that high level of personal service.

Feels Like Home

Hotels are made for reuse. Bed and breakfasts are made to provide the “home away from home” experience. The best innkeepers adopt you into their family the moment you step through the door to check-in. Years might go by between visits, but many times, when you return, that innkeeper will still know your name and remember you. (This is especially true with weddings or special anniversaries). The warm welcomes of home are what keep travelers coming back time and time again.


So, what do you think? What is your favorite thing about staying at a bed and breakfast?



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