Fall is Perfect For an Outdoor Garden Wedding

It appears everyone is looking for an outdoor venue these days to exchange their nuptials and with no wonder why, the outdoors, especially a garden setting, provides most if not all the natural decor for your special day, many spaces lending an enchanting array of blooms, birds and butterflies.

It is easy to see why spring and summer would be considered ideal for its fresh and colorful blooms of the season but don’t forget, fall is one of the most beautiful seasons here in Williamsburg Virginia and with the October and early November temperatures still warm enough to have your event outdoors, you will find that the colors of gold and scarlet with hints of yellow and orange are breathtaking both above & below as they carpet the grass

Temps range from the 60’s to 70’s during the day and even cooler at night but the humidity is significantly lower this time of year so the comfort level for you and your guests is perfect.

Prices may be a bit lower as well since spring and summer seems to dominate the sought-after wedding dates, if they don’t offer a lower price finding dates and vendors may be easier and less stressful.

No matter how you look at it Fall weddings are just beautiful outdoors. If you are looking for a venue to do an intimate wedding of 35 people or less or an elopement for just the two of you then try a Williamsburg Bed and Breakfast

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