4 Secrets for an Easy Thanksgiving Day Breakfast

Why even eat breakfast on Thanksgiving?

On Thanksgiving Day, we tend to spend all day prepping for one big meal, leaving breakfast neglected or skipped altogether. As breakfast lovers, we feel that skipping breakfast is a missed opportunity! Not only is this a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends, but it also can help us enjoy healthier portions later in the day.

We know that with all the preparations, breakfast can be overwhelming, bringing with it more dishes and taking up precious oven space. We’ve found the secret to creating an easy, but delicious breakfast that will keep your family satisfied until dinner!


4 Secrets for an Easy Thanksgiving Day Breakfast

 Easy Thanksgiving Day Breakfast

Secret 1: Prepare Ahead

Our first secret to a no-stress breakfast on Thanksgiving morning is to prepare it beforehand. Assembling a breakfast casserole the night before is a great option. The next morning, it’s easy to throw in the oven, while you make your other preparations. In 45 minutes you can have a one-pan breakfast that will keep everyone happy!

Easy Thanksgiving Day Breakfast

Secret 2: Use Store Bought

Our second secret to an easy Thanksgiving Day breakfast is using store bought items. Biscuits, muffins, or croissants from your local grocery’s bakery can be easily paired with butter, jam, and a pan of scrambled eggs. Our pro tip is to place store bought baked goods in a warm oven to heat through before serving, giving them that homemade touch!

Easy Thanksgiving Day Breakfast

Secret 3: Keep It Light

With such a heavy meal waiting in the wings, breakfast doesn’t need to be too rich or complicated. Our third secret to an easy Thanksgiving Day breakfast is to skip the heavier options like meats and cheeses. Instead, provide lighter fare, such as yogurt with fresh fruit, muffins, or homemade oatmeal. This will keep everyone satisfied without spoiling the feast later.

Easy Thanksgiving Day Breakfast

Secret 4: Ditch the Dishes

Our last secret for an easy Thanksgiving Day breakfast is to ditch the unnecessary dishes. Piles of dishes are inevitable on Thanksgiving Day, especially if you are cooking for a crowd. Don’t add breakfast dishes to the mix! Paper or plastic plates will be your best friends. Party supply stores have fun colors and seasonal prints that are festive for the holiday, but plain paper works great too. And if you’re making something that requires baking, consider using the disposable aluminum dishes for cooking. Trust us, you’ll be glad you had a few less dishes in the sink!



Do you plan a breakfast on Thanksgiving? If so, what are your secrets for not becoming overwhelmed?


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