5 Spring Wedding Cake Flavor Trends 2018

No matter what time of the year that you plan to have your wedding, the season you choose will create a backdrop for your entire event. In fact, we find that modern weddings are using the season as the main thematic element, which affects the rest of the design choices. This creates both an organic and comfortable environment for the event.

If you love all things outdoors, fresh, and flowery, you may want to consider having your wedding in the spring. Weddings during this time of year are just lovely and can be very cost effective.

The wedding theme shouldn’t just stop at flowers, colors, and location. Unique wedding cake flavors are another great way to continue the theme. With the abundance of specialty cake bakeries, it is much easier to request a uniquely flavored cake that will perfectly compliment the season.

Here are our top 5 Spring Wedding Cake Flavor Trends for Spring 2018

Lemon Berry Chantilly Cake

A classic Chantilly cake features layers of a light sponge cake accented by a filling of fresh berries and whipped cream frosting. The fresh berries make this a great compliment for spring weddings, when these berries are in season. We like to change the classic recipe by substituting the vanilla sponge cake recipe for a lemon sponge cake. If you really love lemon, try adding a lemon curd filling in addition to the fresh berries.

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Browned Butter Peach Cake

Southern desserts can be wonderfully decadent. However, because many of them are so rich they don’t really match the light and fresh feeling of Spring. But, our southern belle brides need not worry! We found a perfect recipe that includes fresh spring peaches combined with the rich flavors of brown butter. We think it’s the perfect balance for a Southern Springtime wedding.

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Pink Champagne Cake with  Almond Frosting

We’ve seen this flavor trending for many special occasions, and we love it too! While champagne demands a certain formality, pink champagne has a soft elegance that makes it perfect for Spring weddings. The soft pink coloration carries the color palate to the end of the meal, completing the experience. We love adding an almond frosting to bring a familiar, nutty finish that your guests will love!

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White Chocolate Tiramisu Cake

This one is perfect for the coffee lovers. Coffee is a strong, heavy flavor that does not make us think of spring. However, what we love about this recipe is that the coffee flavor is balanced out perfectly with the sweetness of the white chocolate. Traditional tiramisu also includes an accent of rum, which brings in a definite tropical vibe. This is the perfect recipe for the couple that wants a unique wedding cake flavor that everyone will love!

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Dark Chocolate Coconut Cake

Dark chocolate is difficult to brighten up for Spring. However, chocolate is such a popular wedding cake flavor, we wanted to find a recipe that would make it accessible for a springtime theme. By accenting the dark chocolate with the tropical coconut flavor, this cake becomes light and fresh.

Inspired By Life Love and Sugar

What do you think of our list? Which one do you want to try?

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