Is Your Home Summer Ready? 5 Home Improvement Tips

Summer is almost here and you may be itching to finally just do it. Start those home improvement projects, that is.

The summer months are so bright and sunny, we find that we often want to bring that freshness inside.

As one of Williamburg, Virginia’s top Bed and Breakfasts, we simply must keep things fresh and clean for our guests. And all of our hard work pays off! We get some of the best compliments about our decorating and upkeep.

With all of the friends and family coming in and out of your home (especially during the summer), you might just feel like you run your own bed and breakfast! If you think it’s time to get your home summer ready, then we have some home improvement tips to help you update your spaces without tearing into your walls or your wallet.

Here are our 5 Home Improvement Tips for getting your home SUMMER READY!

home improvement tips

Brighten Up the Room

Lighting makes the biggest difference in any space. Adding in the right lighting can take a small, dingy room and turn it into a comfortable, inviting, and clean place in which you actually want to spend time. This could be something as simple as adding matching table lamps to a living room or a nice ceiling fixture. How you utilize existing natural light in a room is just as important. Consider changing out the curtains or blinds on the windows. We recommend taking advantage of the natural lighting available, while enhancing it with artificial fixtures.

home improvement tips

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

You may not realize it, but the walls in your home tend to get dirtier than you might think! When a good scrubbing doesn’t do the job anymore, or if you have a matte finish wall paint that doesn’t clean very well, it might be time for a fresh coat of paint. You’ll be amazed at how bright and clean this will make a room feel! Take this opportunity to change the colors up and finally do that room makeover you’ve been thinking about.

home improvement tips

Change The Hardware

You don’t have to buy new furniture. Sometimes all those existing pieces need is a coat of paint and some new hardware. Hinges and nobs tend to show aging as they rust and become damaged. Installing new, clean and updated hardware will bring new life to your existing furniture without the new furniture price tag.

home improvement tips

Add a Headboard

When you enter your bedroom, does it feel elegant and finished? If not, you’re not alone. While bedroom sets can help to tie a room together, they are often very expensive. However, you don’t have to buy a whole set to improve the look and feel of the room. Try adding in a headboard or even making your own. There are headboard styles to fit every design style and room size. We find that adding a headboard creates a finished look that will have you wanting to show guests your room.

home improvement tips

Add Decorative Pillows

Pillows are a simple way to add that special finishing touch to a room. We like changing out our decorative pillows regularly. Pillows can serve to add a bit of luxury to a bedroom, elegance to a sitting room, or comfort on the patio. This is also a great way to add a pop of accent color to a room, without getting out the paint rollers.



Do you like the way we decorate our bed and breakfast? If you haven’t been to visit us in person, check out some of our photos to see if you like our style!

Do you have any tips for how you keep your home fresh, updated, and summer ready?


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