The Local’s Guide to Summer in Williamsburg, Virginia

Are you spending your summer in Williamsburg, Virginia?

If you’ve never visited our fair city before, you may be wondering what to expect. What is the weather going to be like? What is there to do? What food will I be eating?

We have the answers! We love to help guests plan their vacations, some of them coming from as far away as the UK and Singapore! Our advice comes from a genuine love of Williamsburg and an extensive knowledge of the area. We don’t just do business here…we’re locals! And if you’ve traveled before, you know that locals know where the best places are hidden and what you should expect.


Here’s The Local’s Guide to Summer in Williamsburg, Virginia!

summer in Williamsburg Virginia

Hot Days, Cool Nights, And Always a Chance of Rain

If you’re wondering what clothes to bring along, we recommend bringing shorts, a light jacket, and an umbrella. The temperature can get into the mid-90s during the day in the summer months. However, the evening temperatures can get quite mild, dropping into the 70s. Our summers also come with frequent showers.


summer in Williamsburg Virginia

Lots of Walking

Pack your walking shoes. According to, Williamsburg was given a walkability score of 81 out of 100. (That means the town is very walkable.) As locals, we know this is true! Many of the bed and breakfasts are within walking distance of downtown. Whether you are planning to visit our historic attractions, like Colonial Williamsburg, our modern attractions, like Busch Gardens, or our natural attractions, like Waller Mill Park, there will be lots of walking to do!


summer in Williamsburg Virginia

Live Music

Williamsburg loves live music! The historic downtown area hosts the Summer Breeze Concert Series every year. Locals bring lawn chairs out to the streets of Gloucester to relax and enjoy live musicians as they perform…for free! You’ll also find live music at Yorktown Pub and for 2nd Sunday’s at Merchant’s Square.


summer in Williamsburg Virginia

Local Restaurants

While we do have a few chain restaurants, you shouldn’t expect to see many of them. Williamsburg prides itself on its unique, local businesses, and restaurants are no exception. From the small bistros and pubs to the upscale fine dining restaurants, the majority of our restaurants are owned by local chefs who pride themselves on creating unique menus with local ingredients. These establishments are the heart and soul of Williamsburg on which you simply won’t want to miss out. We promise, you won’t need the familiar chain restaurants from home!


summer in Williamsburg Virginia

A Fabulous Cocktail Hour

Williamsburg is not just known for its incredible food, but also its cocktail hour. In fact, we wrote a whole article about The Best Cocktail Hours in Williamsburg, Virginia. There are so many great options to choose from! If you’re in town for a while and want to experience the people and the culture, we highly recommend trying out a few!


Do you like our list? If you’ve been to Williamsburg in the summer, what things would you add? 


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