Your Guide to Help Get You in the Mood for the Fall Season in Williamsburg

Did you forget what day it is?

Despite all the decorations that have been in stores since the end of August, you may have simply forgotten that today is the day for which we all have been waiting.

Autumn is officially here!

That’s right. It’s the first day of fall, ya’ll. We’ve been so caught up working through summer that we almost missed it.

If you need some help getting ready for fall, we have put together a helpful guide to help you get into the fall spirit…even if it snuck up on you.


The Colonial Garden’s Guide to Help You Get in the Mood for the Fall Season in Williamsburg, Virginia

fall season 2018 Williamsburg

Start with a Fall Breakfast

There are so many yummy breakfast recipes out there that are sure to help you get into the spirit of Autumn. By making small adjustments to your favorite recipes, like adding signature spices and seasonal ingredients, you can easily make the seasonal change! Here are a list of some yummy fall breakfast recipes you can start making tomorrow morning!

Pecan Sticky Buns

Baked Pumpkin Cream Cheese French Toast

Savory Sausage and Cheddar Bread Pudding

fall season 2018 Williamsburg

Put Out Some Fall Decorations

Fall decorating doesn’t require a big budget or a lot of time to prepare. This is especially true if you’re in an area of the country, like Williamsburg, Virginia, where the natural surroundings will will do a lot of the decorating for you. Williamsburg is known for it’s beautiful fall foliage, as the leaves change to reds and oranges.

If you need some quick and budget-friendly ideas for decorating your home for fall, here are some that we love! These may seem too simple, but we find that the classic, simple decorations work the best!

Fall Wreaths
Pine Cones
Fall Scented Candles

fall season 2018 Williamsburg

Break Out the Fall Layers

Did you walk outside today in shorts and flip flops, only to feel a cool breeze on your legs? Now that fall is here, our temperatures will start to get more mild, and then, downright chilly! This means it’s time to break out the layers.

Here are some tips for dressing this fall:

Out With the Old – If there are things you didn’t wear last year (and just don’t like), it may be time to donate them!

In With the New – Take yourself out shopping and pick out a few timeless staples you know you’ll love for years to come! This is also a great time to try out a few fun fall trends and see how you like them.

According to the Evening Standard, animal print, tweed, and comfy sweaters are all in style this year!

Transition your Wardrobe – It’s time to put your summer clothes away and take coats and scarves out for dry cleaning. This article from Huffington Post has some great tips for transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall!

fall season 2018 Williamsburg

Enjoy the Activities

Now that you’re feeling more in the spirit and are dressed appropriately, you can start getting out to enjoy the season! Williamsburg has so many great fall activities for you to enjoy. We’ve made a list of just a few of our favorites!

Holly Fork Farm Pumpkin Patch
Fall Events at Colonial Williamsburg
Driving the Colonial Parkway When the Leaves Change
Williamsburg Winery Tastings

What are some things that help you get into the mood for fall?


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