Is your Upcoming Wedding On-Trend? Here are Our Williamsburg Wedding Trend Predictions!


Every year comes another set of predictions for wedding trends. As a romantic bed and breakfast specializing in weddings, we have the inside scoop on what we are seeing now (and what we expect to see more of) in Williamsburg wedding trends.

Trends come and go, but we are finding that the bigger wedding trends out there are becoming very similar to the weddings we’ve been hosting for years. The desire that modern couples now have for small, authentic, and natural weddings plays perfectly with what our beautiful town has to offer.

Here are Our Williamsburg Wedding Trend Predictions!

bride holding bouquet while sitting on a wooden chair in a field of grass

Authentic, Natural Beauty

A huge trend right now is that people are seeking out authentic, natural beauty. This stretches beyond weddings and can be seen in interior design, food photography, and lifestyle blogs. With this desire to get back to wholesome basics, we’ve seen our couples really wanting to go less manufactured and more organic.

Examples of things you might see more of:

  • “Just picked” seasonal bouquets
  • Less manufactured fabric elements, such as burlap or linen
  • Wood elements, such as uncovered seating, tables, or signs
  • Industrial metallic elements
  • Vintage dress design
  • Non-traditional dessert options
  • Unique, non-traditional venues

Examples of things you might see less of:

  • Dyed and silk flowers
  • Silks and Lace
  • Plain fabrics, such as white table clothes and seat covers
  • Large ornate wedding cakes
  • Banquet hall venues

As a town seeped in history, much of Williamsburg is protected from too much development, maintaining the old world charm of the 18th century! As such, Williamsburg is becoming a more sought after spot for weddings.

wooden wedding table with settings and a burlap table runner

Unique Fabric Textures

Wedding designers and brides are becoming bolder with their fabric choices. Gone are the days of only choosing satin, lace, and chiffon. Now, brides are incorporating different fabrics throughout their ceremony, from the dresses to the table settings. You can expect to see more burlap, velvet, natural linens, and bold silks.

One of the things we love about Williamsburg is that the historic sector has stayed authentic to the 18th century time period. You won’t see anything of modern manufacture. The textured fabrics that are coming back into style have been here all along.

three wedding reception tables in a garden setting with a large tree overhanging the tables

Intimate Settings

The average cost of a wedding in 2018 was over $33,000! With the rise of wedding costs, we have seen an increase in couples wanting smaller, more intimate weddings. We find that this makes the event even more special. Smaller weddings give you the chance to make the event personal, while also allowing you to enjoy more of the day. More time and money can be spent on the things that matter most.

As a town full of intimate bed and breakfasts, stunning gardens, historic settlements, and natural beauty, there are plenty of venues from which to choose! Have you checked out our beautiful gardens? Click here to see what our venue has to offer!

bride kneeling down picking up fall leaves

Fall Weddings

According to the 2018 American Wedding Study, summer is no longer the most popular season for weddings. Over the last year, fall has become the season in which most couples tie the knot.

We love this trend! Williamsburg, Virginia is just gorgeous in the fall. We have guests come from all over the world to see the leaves change color and enjoy the beautiful, cool weather. This wedding trend will definitely be making its way to Williamsburg, Virginia.


Do you have any predictions for upcoming wedding trends?



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