Bored? 5 Thrilling Colonial Williamsburg Events Happening This Summer

With the temperatures rising and June just a few days away, we are happy to say that summer is finally here! Summer is a great season in Williamsburg, Virginia. The weather is good and there is plenty to see and do.

Colonial Williamsburg is one of our main attractions in the area. Back in March, we wrote an article about all of the Spring Events that were going on at Colonial Williamsburg. As promised, we’re continuing the series to talk about the special summer activities happening in 2019. There is so much to do that you won’t want to miss!

Here is a list of 5 Special Events Happening in Colonial Williamsburg in Summer 2019

two brick buildings of Colonial Williamsburg

The Art Museums

The Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg are available year round, however, they seem to get more foot traffic during the summer. The reason why? One reason is because the museums offer an impressive collection of both American Folk Art and British and American Fine Art, unparalleled at any other art museum in the country. Another reason? They’re also a great way to escape the summer heat and enjoy history in the AC! Click here to learn more about the art museums.

African American Interpretation Lecture Series

2019 marked the 40th year of African-American historical interpretation through the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. This lecture series covers the past, present, and future work of the Foundation, as they strive to give voice to the enslaved men, women, and children of the 18th century. On July 5th, 2019, the series continues as the Foundation talks about their current activities and the importance of telling these stories. Click here to read more about this special event.

close up of cocoa powder in a glass container

A Chocolate Tasting Exploration: The Taste Studio

The Taste Studio is a really unique dining experience in Colonial Williamsburg. We wrote about them during our Easter Brunch article, however they have a new series for summer that we simply could not leave out. Throughout the summer, the Colonial Williamsburg Taste Studio will be hosting “A Chocolate Tasting Exploration”. You’ll be able to taste eight different chocolates while exploring its history in America. Perfect for any chocolate lover! Click here to learn more about this event. 

Children’s Tour of the Palace

With school out for the summer, if you need something to do with the kids, there are plenty of fun and educational activities happening for kids at Colonial Williamsburg. One of these is the Children’s Tour of the Palace. The Governor’s Palace was the home of the Virginia’s last royal governor. A great tour for any age, this summer its focus is on the royal family that lived there. Click here to read more about this activity.

fireworks in a clear night sky

July 4th Celebration

Last, but certainly not least, we wanted to highlight the July 4th Celebration. Occurring on July 4th, 2019, this is perhaps the most popular and well known summer event at Colonial Williamsburg. Throughout the day, there are many activities and shows, such as the reading of the Declaration of Independence and Salute to the States. The whole day culminates in the Lights of Freedom program, which concludes with an impressive fireworks display. It is the perfect way to celebrate and learn more about the birth of America! Click here to read more about this special event.

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Which summer Colonial Williamsburg event are you most excited about?


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