The Benefits of a Small Intimate Wedding in Williamsburg Virginia

Everyone has their own idea of a perfect wedding. For some, it’s a massive gathering of friends and family from far and wide. But for many others, a small and intimate day has its own special appeal. If you’re considering a shorter guest list, there are various benefits that go along with the planning of your big day. Find the best advantages of throwing a small wedding below:

       1. It’s Budget-Friendly

Weddings often mean huge expenses. Between custom invitations, catering, floral arrangements, music and entertainment, it’s hard not to break the bank. In fact, the average cost of a wedding these days is $31,000! But if you opt for a smaller wedding, you can significantly cut back on spending and put your money where you want it to go – maybe a nice honeymoon, a down payment on a house, or new household items. You can even put the saved money back into your wedding, splurging on a more extravagant dress, going for more gourmet food, and passing out fancier wedding favors. Not to mention, the planning process will far more manageable and you’ll have a lot more venue options, particularly in the popular historic Williamsburg area. A charming B&B might be just the ticket – the possibilities are endless!


  1. It’s Intimate

When you decide to narrow down your guest list, you get to spend your wedding day with the people who matter most – your closest friends and family. Cutting back on the invitations will let you take the time to consider who you truly want in attendance on your big day, and free you from those you only feel an obligation to ask. With less people, you can also spend more quality time with those you hold dearest. Your wedding day should be a momentous occasion shared between all in attendance, and a smaller guest list will lead to deeper, more meaningful interactions between those who are privileged enough to make the cut! Plus, you’ll have a lot more room  for customization options, so you can make every aspect of the event truly special.


  1. It’s Easier

While weddings are an incredibly joyful and exciting time, they can also cause a lot of stress and overwhelm. The planning process can easily cause sleep loss through frantic all-nighters spent trying to get everything in order. Throwing a big ceremony with lots of guests often puts extra pressure on the bride and groom, who should only be celebrating! By having a smaller guest list, your big day can be more intimate and less chaotic. You’ll be less distracted trying to get face time in with everyone, so you can relax and live in the moment.

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