Foods & Feasts of Colonial Viriginia 2019

A Traditional Thanksgiving

If there’s one place that knows how to do Thanksgiving right, it’s Colonial Williamsburg. Dive into the history of this American holiday by joining the Jamestown Settlement and the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown for this one-of-a-kind celebration featuring the best of Colonial Virginia’s food and the unique history that brought it about. The “Foods & Feasts of Colonial Virginia” will immerse you and your taste buds in 17th and 18th century America.

Food Takes Center Stage

A brown wooden bucket and tools sit atop a basin. A person in the background is using their hands to work with food in a bowl.This event, which begins Thanksgiving day, will showcase various food preparation methods and cooking techniques that would have been typical of the time of the first Thanksgiving. See how the local Powhatan Indians gathered and preserved their food and how the early settlers cooked and baked over an open hearth. Even more unique and possibly less well-known is the way early English settlers were provided for during their journey across the Atlantic Ocean. While on the nearby pier, visitors will be able to participate in making the most common and perhaps most notorious sea-faring food: a ship biscuit. This event will also offer an opportunity at 12 p.m. daily for guests to learn how early sailors navigated by the stars. 

The Thanksgiving dinner, which is held in the Jamestown Settlement Cafe will offer traditional Thanksgiving fare on a first-come, first-served basis from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Thanksgiving day.

Make Your Plans

An outdoor table setting features neutral colors and lighted lantern centerpieces.

The event is held in a variety of locations, and there is a range of ticket options for whatever itinerary suits you best. The historic Jamestown Settlement will have a recreated Powhatan Indian village, a re-created 1610-14 fort, a shipping pier, and a one-hour documentary in the presentation hall. The American Revolution Museum at Yorktown will have a Continental Army encampment and a revolution-era farm. You can choose a combination ticket ($26) that will give you unlimited access to both museums for 7 consecutive days. You can also purchase individual museum tickets for $17.50 at the Jamestown Settlement and $15.00 at the American Revolution Museum. This is also an excellent event to pick up some gifts for the upcoming holiday season. 

We’d love to see you during your holiday break! Makes plans now for this unique event and immerse yourself in a bit of American history. The experience doesn’t have to end when you leave the event—you’ll find that our luxurious rooms are steeped in the history of Colonial America, and it’s all waiting for you!


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