3 Reasons to Visit Colonial Escape Room in Williamsburg, VA

Tired of the same dinner-and-a-movie weekend routine? Looking for something ambitious, inventive, and unique? The Colonial Escape Room in Williamsburg, VA is just the ticket! Escape rooms are a cooperative game that will have you and your group investigating clues, solving puzzles, and rushing to beat the clock so you can escape the room victoriously. Here are 3 reasons to add escape rooms to your Williamsburg itinerary:Stamp collection and magnifying glass on a table.

  1. For the Challenge—It takes a quick-witted team to make it out of the room before the clock runs out. To win, you have to gather information, make connections quickly, and put the pieces together just right. Some challenges require players to see clues from unconventional angles or have multiple players unlock clues at the same time on different sides of the room. 
  2. To Build Connections With Your Loved Ones—It’s no surprise that people enjoy escape rooms for date nights, family nights, corporate team-building events and more. Escape rooms get us out from behind our screens and into a full -sensation experience where we have to rely on our team to succeed. Working together towards a common goal and communicating effectively brings people together in a way that other entertainment choices don’t.
  3. For the Role-Playing—It can be fun to pretend to be someone else for a night. Whether you’re a detective looking for clues to solve a murder case or a hostage trying to make your way out before it’s too late, it can be fun to pretend for a while that you’re a different person in a different situation. The possibilities for role-playing are endless and most escape room venues work hard to keep their content fresh each time.


The Colonial Escape Room has several room options for whatever suits your fancy. Try CyberPunk’d if you’re looking for a futuristic challenge that puts you in the hot seat to stop a computer virus from ending the world. Or consider Samurai Showdown if you’re new to escape rooms and want a casual experience hunting down a missing lucky cat. For escape room veterans, they offer Black Beards Cabin, a chance to steal from Black Beard himself—but don’t get caught or you’ll walk the plank!

We love helping our guests find their new favorite activity in Williamsburg. Escape rooms are a great way to connect and have fun with loved ones, especially during the winter months or on a rainy day. And Colonial Escape Room is a quick 10-minute drive from our inn. Book a stay with us today and see why so many folks choose Colonial Gardens for their home base during their Williamsburg getaway!

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